Like any other electronic device, fiber-powered phones are susceptible to power outages. Because of this, it’s important to have a backup battery or generator to maintain access to emergency 911 services in the event of a power loss.

Please take a moment to double-check that your batteries are maintained and charged.


What should I look for?

If shopping for a battery backup, you’ll want to find a “UPS” (Uninterrupted Power Supply) that:

  • Provides at least 75 watts and 125 VA (volt amps)
  • Lasts at least 8 hours

Socket’s recommended option, the Cyberpower CSN27U12V-NA3,  covers both of these requirements, and is available for purchase for $100 plus tax. Many other varieties of battery backup are also available, both online and at larger retailers like Walmart and Best Buy.


Additional tips on battery backups:

  • Battery backups are optimized to keep your phone line running, and nothing else – they won’t power your internet or TV services, and they won’t power a cordless handset. (Even if the handset powers up, the calls are routed through the base, which won’t have power.) Make sure you have at least one traditional, wired telephone in the house to maintain 911 access.
  • To extend the life of your battery, make sure it’s stored between 41 and 104 degrees. Batteries have a limited lifespan and the charge will deplete over time, so periodically check the charge level (refer to the battery instructions). In general, you’ll have to replace your backup battery every one to two years. 
  • For more than 8 hours of coverage, solar chargers, car chargers, and generators can provide additional power. You can purchase these or additional backup batteries online or at many larger retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. 
  • If you previously received a battery backup from Socket, you will need to maintain, test and replace the battery as needed.  
  • Any questions on purchasing or installing a battery backup? Give us a call at 1-800-762-5383. We’d be happy to help!