Socket Sends Director of Business Improvement to International Fiber to the Home Conference


Socket recently participated in an international fiber to the home conference in Anaheim, CA, with the purpose of continuing to bring fiber Internet to Missouri that operates on the leading edge of fiber Internet technology.
Kurt Bruemmer, Socket’s director of business improvement and control, attended the three-day Fiber On Fire conference to share information with other top actors in the fiber Internet field.
Some of the topics included advances in creating and deploying fiber networks, strategies to meet customer bandwidth demands and ensure customer needs are exceeded, how to educate customers about the advantages of an all-fiber network, and the latest in fiber technology, hardware and best practices.
Bruemmer’s role is to continuously improve Socket’s processes and procedures. He leads Socket’s strategic planning efforts to deliver first-class telecommunications products and customer service. During this conference, Bruemmer participated in discussions about best practices in delivering services over fiber. He also met with vendors who can provide top equipment, materials and other services related to building and maintaining Socket’s fiber network.