Service Agreement

Terms of Service

Residential Service Agreement

All services offered under this contract are subject to Socket's Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found on Socket’s website at

The residential service agreement is between Socket and any customer. Your activation and use of our service and/or equipment constitutes your acceptance of this agreement and charges described through the ordering process. If you do not accept Socket's terms of service, do not use the service or equipment and notify Socket immediately so we can cancel the service agreement.

This service is intended for residential use only. If this service is established for a business, pricing is subject to change. When you apply or pay for service you agree to the prices, terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and any changes, which may occur from time to time. 

Services Charges

Services are billed month-to-month. Your account will be invoiced from the date your service goes active. All accounts will be invoiced on the 1st of the month in which they occurred. Payment is due by the 20th of the month. Any accounts left unpaid by the last day of the month will be automatically disconnected and subject to delinquency fees. Reconnection fees may also apply.

Socket offers the option of setting up recurring payments via credit or debit cards, or via automatic bank withdrawal, if the customer authorizes. Recurring payments will renew automatically via these methods chosen, unless you notify Socket otherwise. Socket reserves the right to assign any delinquent accounts to an outside agency for collections. Account maintenance must be done prior to the next billing period. This includes changes to the account, billing options and cancellations.

All accounts are non-refundable unless sufficient documentation of technical difficulties on Socket Telecom's network exists. The last month of service is a payment in full and is not prorated if the customer chooses to cancel service.

Additional fees may include the following:

  • Reconnection Fee after nonpayment: $60.00
  • Late Payment Fee: 5% with a minimum $5 charge
  • Collections Charge: $10.00
  • Rejected Check or ACH Draft Charge: $25.00 
  • ONT Replacement Charge: $100.00
  • Wireless Router Replacement Fee Per Device: $100 per device plus sales tax
  • Early Termination Fee for Prepaid Packages: 50% of the prorated amount.

Service Quality

Many things outside Socket's control can affect Internet speeds, which will vary and are not guaranteed. In order to improve reliability and performance, some lines may be provisioned at less than the maximum speed capable, but within the range of speed purchased.

Socket’s equipment is configured so that our agents may remotely access them for troubleshooting and maintenance. Any changes to equipment by anyone other than Socket personnel are prohibited. Failure to return equipment in good condition will require that you pay for its replacement.

Access to Premise

As part of this agreement, the customer agrees to allow Socket employee’s and representatives on and into the customer’s premises to install, maintain, repair, or upgrade our services and equipment. Additionally, the customer shall ensure a safe working environment while Socket employees and representatives are on the premise. Socket employees and representatives reserve the right to leave the premises at any time due to unsafe or unsuitable working conditions.

If the customer does not own the property, they represent that they have acquired the necessary permission from the property owner to allow construction/installation of equipment and will hold the company harmless from any legal action taken by the property owner. Likewise for new homeowners who have not yet closed on a new home purchase; they must obtain access/permission from the current property owner to allow Socket to begin construction/installation before closing.

Equipment and Installation

Socket may choose to install an Optical Network Terminal either outside or inside your home. You agree to allow Socket to keep the ONT on your home in the event you should disconnect service. Rented equipment must be returned to Socket within 30 days or additional charges may apply.

Socket’s standard installation allows for Socket installers to determine the appropriate location of the fiber line and point of entry into the home. Standard installation does not include installations over 400 feet in length from our line, boring under driveways and/or sidewalks, configuring customers’ computers, networking ethernet cables, fishing walls, nor any internal wiring through the house. Special installation requests and installs that do not classify as a standard installation may be subject to additional charges. 

Socket's service cables may be buried and may cause some disturbance to your property. Socket will use reasonable precaution and attempt to restore the property to its previous condition. Likewise, please exercise caution while cable is prepped for burial and after it has been buried. You also expressly release defend and indemnify Socket and its owners, subsidiaries, successors, officers, directors, agents, assigns, and insurers from any and all indirect liability arising from the fiber line's presence on your property.

Change of Address 

Socket services are ordered to a specific address and do not automatically move should the customer change their address or telephone number. The customer is required to give Socket adequate notification prior to the date of move in order to ensure there are no interruptions in service.

Television Terms of Service

Failure to return the following equipment in good condition within 30 days of discontinuing service will require that you pay for its replacement, plus sales tax. Those fees are as follows:

  • Streaming device, power cord and cables: $30.00

General Phone Terms of Service

Your package entitles you to unlimited local calling within your local calling area. Local calling scopes vary between areas.

Your package also includes unlimited long distance within the continental United States. Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, and countries abroad may be found at

Fiber Phone Terms of Service

Since your phone service will run over Socket’s fiber network and not traditional copper phone lines, the service will be susceptible to power outages, like any other electronic device. If you wish to maintain landline phone service and 911 access in the event of a power outage, you’ll need a backup battery or generator. Socket offers a backup battery option for a $100 one-time purchase, or you can purchase your own backup battery online or at many retailers. More information is available at