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Meet the Business Sales Team

Melissa Higgins

Melissa Higgins has been the Director of Business Sales at Socket for 12 years. She admires that the company values its customers and puts them first. As a director, she believes in “inspecting what she expects” making sure to be involved in the processes of her department to ensure that customers are getting what they need. Melissa loves to travel and spend time with family. If you’re working with the Socket Business Sales team to find a solution for your business, Melissa will be there to ensure you’re happy with the process!

Jonathan Holder

Jonathan Holder’s specialty is going above and beyond for his customers. Starting out in Socket’s Customer Service department, he has dealt with a wide range of customer questions and concerns when investing in a new internet service. Putting the customer's needs first, Jonathan believes in selling only the essential services your business will actually use. Jonathan graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Finance and enjoys working out and gaming. Connect with Jonathan today to learn what Socket can do for your business!

Dave Giles

Dave Giles has been on the Socket team for 18 years. He has extensive experience in selling to medium and large size businesses as well as government and education facilities. Dave’s key to selling is developing strong partnerships with his customers so that they can grow together. He enjoys continually learning about the rapidly growing and changing telecommunications industry. Connect with Dave to learn about what Socket can do for you!

Todd Large

Todd Large is a believer in quality customer service. He understands the importance of developing a strong, trusting relationship with the customer. Todd focuses on understanding what needs are not being met by the customer’s current provider and supplying a Socket solution that will fulfill those needs. Checking in periodically to make sure the transition is going smoothly, Todd ensures that the customer feels comfortable with their new service. He loves spending time with his family, fishing and making music. If you’re looking for a new provider, ask Todd how Socket can help your business grow.

Evan Campbell

Evan Campbell has been working on the Socket Business Sales team for over five years. He’s also a proud Socket customer! With a background in property management, Evan knows the value of having high quality internet access. He is focused on taking care of the customer not only in the pre-sale process, but also during installation, and months after the sale has been made. Evan is a fan of Socket’s customer-first, local approach in which individual sales reps truly get to know the businesses they serve unlike other providers who are just a voice over the phone several states away. He is both a veteran and a family man who enjoys taking his kids to enjoy outdoor activities as well as keeping up on trends in technology and innovation.

Steve Bremer

With over twenty years of experience at Socket, Steve Bremer is happy to be a Socket customer himself! Steve has experience working with and finding solutions for government, healthcare, finance, and education companies. He believes it is important for sales representatives to listen and truly understand the customer’s issue while developing a solution that will fit both their needs and budget. In his personal time, Steve enjoys boating and scuba diving. Connect with Steve to learn more about what Socket has to offer!

Josh Connon

Josh Connon has been part of the Socket team for 22 years and is happy to have been one of the first customers to receive Socket fiber at his home. Josh believes in following through on promises and making sure customer concerns are being addressed. Josh keeps regular contact with his customers to ensure projects are running smoothly. When he’s not working with the sales team, Josh enjoys working in his garage and building motorcycles. He’s ready to find your business the right solution to your needs!

Jerrad Baker

Jerrad Baker is a sports fan and loves to travel. At Socket, his main focus is customer service. Addressing issues head on, Jerrad takes an individualized approach to solving problems so that customers receive the services they need. He has been part of the Socket sales team for four years and is familiar with businesses of all sizes and needs. He’ll help you find the services your business needs!